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Cecil Fulks and Ruth Taber - Wedding Day - 12/20/1920 I have been gathering genealogy information for over 20 years. My data gathering and documentation methods have changed dramatically over those years. Now, I question every piece of information and REQUIRE supporting documentation.

Numerous times over the years I have heard "When are you going to publish your information?". The problem is: the data is growing at such a fast pace that it would be outdated as soon as it was published. My solution is to publish it here.

I try to update the genealogy data section of the website every month or two. The "List" on the left are the best way to get to specific individuals. Also, contained in this section of the website are "Family Stories". Feel free to explore these sections.

Contained within these pages are a collection of genealogy, pictures, documents & pieces of the past. The pictures put a face with the name. The "pieces of the past" are letters & notes, newspaper articles, tattered pages from Bibles & stories written only in the memory of our elders. Some stories were even "lost to time" only to be reconstructed using multiple sources.

I have made every effort to find & correct inaccuracies, but in a work of this size that is constantly evolving, mistakes are inevitable. Therefore, please remember that the material contained herein is not meant to challenge, embarrass, or malign, but to list what I found. There are errors in every family history and this one is no exception. I do not proclaim it to be error free but it is a sincere attempt to document, record and preserve as accurately as possible, the members of my extended family.

The approach for living people:  the privacy of every living individuals is of the utmost importance. Information for anyone still living is handled in the following way:

  • First and middle names have been replaced with initials. Example: Johnnie Ray is changed to J. R.
  • Last names remain as is.
  • All other information, and documentation, is removed before uploading to this website.
  • I error on the side of caution.  If I suspect an individual is deceased but cannot prove it, they are treated as still living.

This approach allows someone to navigate the family tree and know where they are without revealing any personal information.

Fulks children circa 1904

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