List of Individuals - Unusual Deaths

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Atkins, Conway
Died in state mental hospital from - Physical Exhaustion - only there 5 days
Austin, Robert David
Electrocuted while driving a bulldozer
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Bittle, John Carol
Killed (stabbed) by his wife - No charges were brought as it was self defense.
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Chitwood, Charlie A.
Killed in Action in probably Belgium or Germany - WWII US Army - Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart
Chitwood, Raymond H.
WWII US Army - Killed in Action in probably Belgium or Germany - Silver Star, Purple Heart
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Fulks, Donald Eugene
Killed in train wreck in France during World War II
Fulks, Jessie Melvin
Accidently shot and killed by his brother while playing ''Cowboys and Indians''
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Hawthorn, George Conley
George was having an affair with Virgie.Virgie''s husband, John, caught them and killed George.
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Mathias, John Joseph
Died in a train wreck due to a washed out bridge. He was the train engineer and held the brake cable as everyone else jumped off.
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Pippin, Thomas Jackson
Killed with a knife - probably murdered
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Sanders, James Edward
Fell between train cars and crushed
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Waters, Ott D
While working on Santa Fe railroad, he fell between the railroad cars.