My mother is the one who is still there when everyone else has deserted you.


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I remember when...

Well let's see here; I don't remember much from the early years when I was two, three or four. However, other memories come in bits and pieces.

Vicki outside

I found it very funny when we all got together to talk about this, because what I remember is not the same things Micki and Ken remember. Micki remembers a piano and you wearing a dress. I just remember the piano. Well, we all got a big laugh talking about this; so here are a few things that I remember about you!

When you worked at the Pecos Ramada Inn, I remember you drove a little black car. We would go there sometimes and I noticed people leaving money on the table. You would take the money and put it in your pocket. One afternoon we went to Odessa to visit and we stopped in to see Melba, who was working at a restaurant. When we left I noticed the money on the table, I took it and gave it to you when we got in the car. I thought you had forgotten it. Turns out I had to take the money back inside because it was Melba's tip.

You always made out clothes and we would always match like at Easter and Christmas. And to this day you are still making my clothes and doing my mending, but now you also sew for my girls. I don't think that I ever thanked you for finishing my 4-H and Home EC project. They turned out great. Thank You!

Vicki, Ken and Micki Vicki with long curly hair

You were always there for everything we did in school from parties to Friday night football games. When Ken, Micki and I were all in the band that year, you had to be one of the proudest parents there. You had three children doing something they enjoyed without fighting with each other. (remember when we were young... Mom, make Kenneth scoot over... Mom, Micki hit me!)

Band loading buses

Then there were the band trips you went on with us. Remember Carlsbad, when you came to the room to get us girls for dinner. You knocked on the door. We opened it and all this smoke came rushing out. That was the first time, but not the last, to catch me smoking. Wasn't it?

As we got older, you let us go places on our own, but if we were gone too long you would come looking for us. There is one time I remember well, but you probably didn't see what I saw about 2:00 am that morning. Micki and I were very late getting home. We finally headed home and got about three miles from Texon when I saw headlights coming toward us. Micki was drunk sitting on the window seal. I was driving about 70 mph when the headlights past us. I said, "Oh Shit! Micki get your ass back in the car. That was Mother that just passed!" Sure enough, the lights turned around and you followed us all the way home.

Micki and Vicki beside car

Another night, you stopped us on the way to the prom just to het pictures because you didn't make it home in time.

Through all the good, funny and bad times, I remember you always being there to take care of us when we were sick. From the late night leg cramps and ear aches to the dentist and skin doctor, and even going to get that cyst taken off my tail bone. But there are two times in my life I was so grateful to have you there. That was when the girls were born.

Vertie and Laci

With Laci, I was a new mom and wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. You showed me everything right down to how to give her a bath. That day you gave her a bath in the bathroom sink is one of my favorite memories. When Hayli got here, I gave her a bath just the way you had shown me. Speaking of Babbett, when she got here you were my backbone. I don't think I could have been strong at all if you had not been here to hold me up. I will never forget those trips to the hospital, scrubbing our hands and putting on our gowns just so we could see and touch her. She was so tiny, yet she knew our voices. One day, I was watching you and Dad though the window. She had her tiny little fingers wrapped around yours while you were talking to her. Then you started feeling of her head and Dad kiddingly poked you and said not to be bothering that baby. You kindly looked at him and continued to touch and talk to her. Seeing you; It touched my heart!

Vertie and Hayli

I want to tell you how wonderful you are and to thank you for being there for us as we grew up and as we get older.

You are truly a very special Friend...My Mom.

Love ya,

Wedding 2011 Update:

Dear Mom,

Its been 14 years since we did your book, and in the last 14 years you have become more amazing and stronger than ever. You have gone through some really hard times in the last 14 years and just look at the beautiful person you have become.

You continue to be my back bone, not just for me but for all of us. When we need you, your there!!! I don't think I ever said thank you for walking me down the isle when I married John, so thank you!!! That was a very proud moment for me having you by my side.

We are the Lucky 7 for having such a wonderful, caring, and beautiful Mother.

I Love You