All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.


Jess's Stories

I remember when...

The first real memory I have of you is when Vicki and I were given a toy piano (maybe it was Christmas?). We were small. I remember sitting on a wooden floor facing the door, and you were leaving to go somewhere. You had on a dress, and was standing in the doorway saying bye. I don't know where you were going; but I was happy with the piano.

Micki and Vicki

I remember those many trips to Carrizo Springs we use to make. Just you, me and Vicki. We had to stop in Sonora for an ice cream, and Uvalde for a burrito. But the hills and winding roads to Rock Springs always made me sick. Burritos and ice cream are strictly taboo!

My most treasured memory is sitting on the couch with you when I was ten or eleven years old and singing Christmas carols. I had gone to the post office (in Texon), and Bertha gave me a song book. When I got back we sat down and sang the entire book. It was great.

Micki School Photo

I remember taking a sewing class under you and Alice Gooch. I was so proud that you did that, even though I never said so.

Do you remember those trailer house lights? I hate those things!!! Everytime I was in the car with a date you would "flash the lights" (Which probably was a good thing). I'll use that trick often with Chase and Jess.

Micki in a toy car Majorette

I was told to write only five or six memories of you. But there are so many good things I remember about growing up. You have influenced my life in so many ways; I don't think five or six thousand memories could be enough. You have always been a role model for me, and I can only hope to do the same for my children.

A woman never fully understands the role her mother plays until she has children of her own. I often find myself becoming more and more like you.

Jess Chase

I think "Aaaagh... I'm acting like my mother." Then I smile with pride... you are exactly who I want to act like. You are a great person, friend, and of course, Mom.

Thank You!
I Love You.

2011 Update:


My life has been full of memories with you. However, from the time Dad got sick and Granny 2 moved in with you we have grown closer. We have traveled together as "The Girl Team"; me, you, Jess and sometimes Wanda have gone places that hold special memories.

Remember Canada, when you and Jess rode in the cart while Bryan and I pushed you around the grocery store? Or the many times we traveled on the airlines, and I would tell the stewardess that I had to pre-board because you and Jess were too hard to handle and I needed time to settle you down before the plane took off? Just so that we could all sit together and laugh the whole trip. Or when we stopped at a truck stop on the way to Corpus and Jess (3 years old) told the waitress that "The bacon was TIRED on the sandwich?" Also, when we were in Washington DC and riding the subway, you just knew we were going to get lost! In Vegas, we flirted with men in elevators and taxi cabs; and stayed in fancy hotels on the school’s dime.

We have cried, laughed, celebrated, and mourned. You are one of my best friends and will always be my traveling partner.

I love you,

The one that had to keep track of our whereabouts because you, Jess and Wanda have NO SENSE OF DIRECTION!!! HA