My mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, and it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.


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In kitchen I do remember that when we were growing up we always came first, before Daddy, before Granny, and I'm sure before everyone. You always told us that you never came first when you were young and your stepfather was mean and abusive and we would never, ever feel the way you felt. And we didn't.

You made almost all of our clothes and I still remember some of my favorites. The panty and bra short sets that we wore on vacation to Disneyland in 1957. The tan with black and silver, long waisted dress that you made me in second or third grade. The yellow blouse and yellow and green floral skirt in elementary (Of course, Peggy had the same material. Sometimes they were exactly alike and sometimes they were just similar). The red corduroy dress that was long waisted with pleats that you made me in high school. My white dress for graduation, and the blue, empire waisted dress you made for Peggy to be my brides maid.

You've been there for the birth of my son and the birth of my grand-daughter. I remember we waited on Big Mike for over an hour to come and take Michael Scott and me home from the hospital. (He had celebrated too much the night before and overslept).

Big Mike, Linda and Little Mike in from of their house

I know you didn't want me to marry Michael because he "made me cry" all the time, but you let me make my own decision and for that, I thank you. He has made me cry a few times over the past thirty-one years, but he is my soul mate and I can't think of growing old without him.

I'm putting in one of my favorite pictures of our first store bought Easter dresses. That purple dress was the most beautiful dress that I had ever seen. You were pregnant with Ken, and we sure hadn't thought of Micki and Vicki!

Big Mike, Linda and Little Mike in from of their house

Vertie, Elaine, Linda and Jimmy

The next picture is you, Elaine, me and Jimmy. (In this one we hadn't thought of Peggy!).

The last two pictures are of you holding Michael Scott

Vertie holding Michael Scott

and then Michael Scott holding Autumn.

Michael Scott holding Autumn

Vertie and Linda

It seems like that is what our lives have been all about.
Babies and growing up.
Life goes on...
Love, Linda


2011 Update:

I remember our house in Penwell, the one by the railroad tracks. We had an old piano that Daddy had gotten from somewhere. Our bathtub was not hooked up to running water, and in the winter we hung quilts up on the door to the bedroom because we only heated the kitchen and living room. In the yard, all we had was one tree and no grass. (I now have that tree's great grandtrees. A few years ago we dug them up from the old home lot in Penwell and planted them in our backyard.)

We had a back porch that Peggy and I played many hours of hopscotch on or our version of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Our house was the one that all the neighbor kids loved to come to hangout. We had late night scary movies and afternoon baseball games with V J, Bobby, Tommy, Doyle, JoDean, Tanya, Susie, Pete, Ronnie, Johnny Dale, Carol, Bobby Don, Billy Ray and the other kids in Penwell.

We taught the kids next door, Michael Light and his brother and sister about Christmas and for the first time ever they had a Christmas tree and presents. We played school with them every weekend and all summer. Of course Peggy got to be the teacher most of the time.

Now our Mothers Day slumber parties hold some very special memories to me. It does not matter if we are at a hotel in Odessa or on a beach in Corpus Christi we always have a great time just being together. I will never forget the look on Rob's face when we showed up at his beautiful home on Padre Island and he saw all the people that were staying for the weekend. He thought it was just going to be me and Mother and a couple of my sisters. If he had only thought about it he would have known that all our kids are just part of the package.

We have also had some great birthday trips in the past 10 years. Our Vegas trips are some of my most favorite times. I'm sure it's just the idea that we were all together and having fun. Both trips are special memories.

One more thought: I did something nice for a coworker a few weeks ago and he made the remark that "I was as nice as my Mother" and my reply was "Of course! She taught me everything I know".

I Love You!