My mother is a person who sees that there are only four pieces of pie for five persons and promptly remarks that she's never liked pie.


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House Drawing My first recollection of even having a mom was in Memphis, Texas. I remember a small "one room" house. You and Dad were just kids but you both built this house from the ground up. It was just down the road from Pa's old house. I remember it was on a corner and I also remember the outside was finished, but the inside was never finished, no sheetrock, only studs. This is where Jimmy and Linda appeared (Peggy too). Here is how I remember the inside.

After moving to Odessa, we lived on 7th street, across the street from Smitty's Welding Shop; this is where Daddy worked. Our neighbors were the Jones' (Jones Road Paving). I have several memories of this house. I was five or six. This is where I realized that little siblings couldn't be trusted. One day Don Lewis Jones and I somehow obtained two cartons of cigarettes (Camels and Lucky Strikes). We built a little tent, and proceeded to smoke. Here come Jimmy and Linda, they wanted to play in our tent. I remember telling Don, "No, because they would tell Mom!" Well they did, and then here you come. Mad as can be. I saw you coming and ran like the wind. I was faster, but you were more determined. When you finally caught me, you whipped me until I peed in my pants, and then whipped me for peeing. This is when I realized that Mom would eventually find out everything. There was no use in lying. From then on I told you everything... still do.

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I remember when I realized I had a beautiful Mother. I was in the third grade. Mrs. Cook was my teacher at Lamar Elementary. You came to school one day, and when you walked in the door you made quiet an entrance. You had long black curly hair, and a red, backless sundress with a very full circular skirt. As you walked in, and closed the door behind you, your skirt swirled around. You looked like a beautiful ballerina. I remember you were always the youngest and prettiest Mom in all my classes.

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I remember when I graduated from High School. This is when I really realized how proud of your family you were. I was the first to graduate on both yours and Dad's sides of the family. You had always dreamed what you would wear. You wanted a big hat, high heels, and gloves that came up to your elbows. Well, remember what you wore? A maternity dress. You cried and cried. You were eight months pregnant with Micki and Vicki. After their whirlwind birth (complete story in itself), I could feel you loved each and every one of us with equal favor. This is when I decided to join the Navy. I remember how you stood behind me, and fully understood my reasoning. I wanted an education and with seven kids it was impossible for you and Dad to pay for college. So, I said, "I do" to Uncle Sam.

Vertie, Ricky and Johnnie Vertie, Curt and Cristin Vertie, Caren, Cassidy and Jason It is impossible to put in five paragraphs what I remember about my Dear Mother, and all the things you have done for me. You have given your family your entire life. Remember you have had a baby around since you were sixteen; that is fifty years. You are always there when one of us needs you. This includes me (the oldest) to Kaleb (your newest great-grandbaby); plus all of your step kids, and their offspring. I don't know if any of us have ever stopped and thought about this, but it takes one hell of a woman to do all this, (and the man you have chosen to grow old with ain't to shabby either).

I thank my Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ, everyday
That you chose me to be
your daughter and your friend.

I love you!!!

5 Generations

First Date 2011 Update:

I have just finished reading the paragraphs I wrote 15 years ago, and tears are streaming down my face. Just to know that such an awsome woman gave birth to me. I remember your very favorite saying; "I have had 7 kids, and there is not an ugly one in the bunch."

Mom, beginning in February 2010, my life turned upside down. I lost Jimmie Lee, my true love and husband. Since you had lost Harold several years before, you knew exactly what I was going through. You knew I needed to talk, but you also knew I needed to be alone and cry (which I still do). This past year would have been impossible without you. When I look in the mirror alot of times I see you, and I say to myself, "that is exactly what mom would do."

I just hope when my boys think of me, that they can see at least half the woman you are. That would be the best gift I could ever receive.

I love you and always will