The family tree is worth bragging about if it consistently produced good timber, and not just nuts.

My Grandmother: is one of the most important persons in my family tree and she single handedly redirected the path our family would have "naturally" taken.

Granny - Age 15

Her childhood was unhappy and she suffered unimaginable abuse and pain. She comes from a very long line of dirt poor, uneducated and narrow minded families.

She raised her family with unconditional love, support and encouraged them to follow their dreams. She taught them that anything is possible with an education. She also taught them to watch what people do, not what they say and to treat EVERYONE with repect.

This project was originally a 1997 Mother's Day gift from her 7 children. They each wrote down memories and small stories from their childhood. Also in 2011, each person added one or two more recent stories and many of the grandkids added their memories as well. Their stories are contained in the links below:

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Granny at dinner table Granny and Grandpa