Frequently Asked Questions

Show/Hide What is your contact information?
Currently email is the only way to contact me:

Show/Hide Who created this website?
This website is 95% my original creation.
The webpages are written using html, css, javascript, php.

The document "pop up" pages are done with Shadowbox.
More information can be found at

The genealogy data comes from:
I use Family Tree Maker for my genealogy program.
When it's time to update the website:
1. I export the data to a gedcom file.
2. Run a java program I wrote to "clean the data" and load it to a mysql database (of my design).
3. Once loaded, I export that data to a text file.
4. Finally, I upload the text file to an "online" database.

The webpages for individuals are created when you ask for them.

Show/Hide Where did the genealogy information on this website come from?
I have supporting documentation for every fact listed.
Most of the documents are publicly available or copies were supplied to me by someone with legal access to the documents.
No documents are ever uploaded for living individuals.

It is common for me to drive several hours in search of headstones, obituaries or other documents.

Show/Hide Can I use the data, documents and/or pictures on this site for my PERSONAL use?
Yes. All I ask is you reference as the source of your data.

Show/Hide Can I get copies of documents for someone who is still living?
No!!! Don't ask.
If you need this document, you MUST go through legal channels to obtain it.

Show/Hide Can I add my genealogy data to this site?
I have general rules about what data I enter:
1. My direct ancestors, their siblings and families.
2. 1st cousins of my direct ancestors and their spouses, a list of children is usually included.
3. Anyone born with the last name of "Fulks" and their family (just started this one).
4. "Extra" people needed to show where 2nd or 3rd cousins inter-married.
5. "Extra" people needed to make a link to a famous person.
6. "Extra" people needed to add a distant relative whom I use as a source.
7. "Extra" people I want to add...

Email me at: and we can talk about adding your data and supporting documents.

Show/Hide My data disagrees with the data on this website. Can I submit corrections?
My data can be wrong for several reasons (typos, documents are hard to read or incorrect, ect).
Email me at: and we can discuss the data.
1. I MUST have documentation before correction will be made!!!
2. If two or more documents have conflicting data, BOTH will be entered and BOTH can be found in the DETAILS section for an individual.
3. I will NOT correct data because your Grandmother, etc. told you something. I must have documentation.

Show/Hide Will you remove my data?
Probably not.
Most data on this website is compiled from PUBLICLY available sources, plus no details are given for living individuals.
If you have special circumstances, email me at: and we can discuss it.

Show/Hide Can my indentity be stolen through this website?
Before uploading, the data is "cleaned" by removing ALL facts and details for living individuals. Even if someone "hacked" the database, there is nothing in it for someone to steal.

Show/Hide Can I give suggestions/criticisms to this website?
All suggestions/criticisms will be taken seriously.
Email me at: and we can discuss it.