• Ricky and Jamie - Feb 2002
February 2001 West Family Harold and Vertie Fulks First Date Team Nolan - 2012 MDA Muscle Walk Ian meets the Superheros - 2012 MDA Muscle Walk Team Nolan - 2013 MDA Muscle Walk Great-Grandpa and Eli Great-Grandma Elizabeth and Elizabeth Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008 Great-Great-Granny and Eli Just Chillin' at the Austin Reunion September 2012 Kelli graduates from SOSU Extreme coolnes Austin Reunion 2009 Austin Reunion 2009 Austin Reunion 2009 Isaac climbs a rock A VERY special day Jimmie's Girls Eli hears a Who Dylan is a shark Ian Isaac Beth Ian starts the process... Isaac decorates the guitar Beth needs help decorating A moment in time captured on the guitar One of my favorites - Eli sees Dylan for the 1st time Childre family Christmas 2008 Little Minni Eli is not happy about new addition... Courtney and Dylan Eli's 1st birthday Ian's 1st birthday Dylan's 1st birthday Isaac's 1st birthday Beth's 1st birthday Jammin' at the Meyerson Center in Dallas Big smile Time to start this party Do you see this smile Time to hunt the eggs Aren't we beautiful Joe and Norma Gregory Family Fullks Family July 2013 Andi Anniversary 2006 Anniversary 2006 Anniversary 2009 Anniversary 2009 September 2012 - Ferry Ride Hanging Around Getting ice cream It's a Girl!!! Beth meets a friend Tom Bean takes 4th in multiple state robot competition September 2012 - Ferry Ride Abbi Dinner with the family Cecil & Ruth Fulks and family - 1948 Early days of the Fulks reunion Harold Fulks and children Karaoke at the Fulks reunion Curtis Ferguson with Curt and Cristin Skydiving - July 2000 Eli, Ian and Dylan playing at the beach house - September 2012 Cristin and her boys - July 2013 Ian learns to bat Christmas Eve was fun but I'm tired Martelle, Jimmie and Florence Jim, Joe and Lou At the Dallas Zoo - June 2006 Nolan's birthday - March 2006 Catfish in the bathtub!!!

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